The Brangus breed was developed to utilize the superior traits of Angus and Brahman cattle. Their genetics are stabilized at 3/8 Brahman and 5/8 Angus. The Brahman, through rigorous natural selection, developed disease resistance, overall hardiness and outstanding maternal instincts. Angus are known for their superior carcass qualities. They are also extremely functional females which excel in both fertility and milking ability.

Brangus, which has now been bred pure in South Africa for more than 60 years, is naturally polled, and has proven resistance to conditions of heat and high humidity. Under conditions of cool and cold climate they seem to produce enough hair for adequate protection. The cows are good mothers and the calves are usually of medium size at birth. The cattle respond well to conditions of abundant feed but have exhibited hardiness under conditions of stress.

Brangus gives you the best of both worlds It is indeed the bonus breed.

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