In the beginning…

We commenced with cattle farming during the early 1980’s. By 1996 we had built up a core elite Brahman herd consisting of approximately 100 top breeding cows that were selected for fertility and mothering ability.

At that time we acquired more land from the late Mr. Hennie Boshoff, (84 years old at the time) and who had developed his commercial Brahman herd along the same lines as we had done. He was vastly experienced and had a keen eye for a bull. We were elated when we also got the opportunity to purchase his “life’s work”, 65 white Brahman heifers, “ready for the bull”.

We wanted to make the best of this rare opportunity, and resolved to use these heifers and other selected females as the base herd in pursuit of our ambition to keep and breed a top notch Red Brangus herd. We extended the Brahman herd to approximately 100 white breeding cows, and acquired 4 Red Angus bulls from the late Mr. Carel Gagiano, whose quiet demeanor and self-defacing humor belied his great knowledge and breeding skills.

The progeny impressed us hugely, and we felt ready for the next step.

Finding friends…

By 2002 we had changed the composition of the herd from Brahman to base red Brangus. We had selected primarily for fertility and mothering ability, and felt ready to embark on the next stage of the journey, viz the joining of the fraternity of the Brangus Stud Breeders Society and the formalizing and realization of our breeding objectives.

We were fortunate enough to be introduced to the Society by that ultimate Brangus protagonist and cattleman, Dries Delport. Thanks Dries!

During the initial years we went to all the auctions with the aim to find and acquire the best genetic material available. In this we had the full support and assistance of fellow breeders and of dr Paul Lubbout, the breed director. We concentrated on animals that fitted our expectations and objectives in breeding cattle.

We have found, in the ranks of the Society, fellowship in the shared mission and vision to breed excellent cattle, that are fertile, handsome and a tribute to the Breed.

Making progress…

In the breeding of our Brangus herd we have utilized all of the available tools of the trade.

We have bought well. Superior Genes are proving true to their reputation. Ferdie Naude, who has become a trusted advisor and friend, has given us “custody” of his champion cow- the 2006 Red Brangus champion cow. She has become a embryo donor for us, and her progeny is outstanding.

We have a number of extremely fertile and “mothering” cows dedicated to our embryo program, and have utilized the excellent services of Embryo Plus in this regard.

Artificial insemination is a given and the best of the best is used. In recent times we have used “Tank” (TX0213); Rambo (D04818) and Thickset (V50250). We are extremely pleased with the results.

We subscribe fully to the logo of the Brangus breeders :- “The future is in the quality of the progeny”

Come on over to Brangus. It is indeed the “Bonus breed”.

George and Maritza Gibbens


Some of our animals:




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